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Even now, German government employees work from home at far lower rates than their private-sector colleagues, Prof. Gerhard Hammerschmid tells Tagesspiegel. In public administration jobs, Hammerschmid says, "You distinguish yourself by being present." Read more: In an interview with Tagesspiegel, Gerhard Hammerschmid discusses the reasons for the slow transition from onsite to remote work.

This upcoming September, Germany will elect a new federal government and Angela Merkel will step down as Chancellor. In a new article for Project Syndicate, Senior Professor of Sociology Helmut Anheier highlights the changes and challenges we can expect in German politics in 2021. Read more: In Project Syndicate, Helmut K. Anheier reviews five books on German politics, examining recent trends.

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A major benefit of a Hertie School degree is our tight-knit and fast-growing alumni community. Much of that is thanks to alumni chapter leads like Juan Cuéllar Torres (MPP 2015). ⠀

In addition to his work at Colombia's UN mission, he's dedicated to fostering a vibrant Hertie School alumni community in New York City. "I see my role as Chapter Lead as a promoter of a sense of belonging to the Hertie community," he told us.⠀

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