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We're excited to start listening to "Over to Europe" – a podcast by the CIVICA community, which is co-produced by Hertie School student Aniket Narawad! The first episode interrogates the concept of "European identity" and features (among others) Visiting Professor Frank Schimmelfennig and MPP student Luca Mariaux. Make sure to subscribe to stay in the loop for upcoming episodes too. #CIVICA #Europe

This fall semester was a unique challenge, not just for us but across the CIVICA network. So how did we all do? Check out this fascinating photo essay on what an unprecedented semester looked like across our continent. #hertielove #CIVICA Fall 2020 at the eight CIVICA members meant a safe and enthusiastic start, optimised digital tools, and supportive virtual campus communities.

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Do you have a COVID-19 tracking app on your phone? Research by our faculty in Nature Human Behavior shows that the riskier your behaviour, the less likely you are to use Germany's Corona Warn App. But even small financial incentives could increase user rates, the researchers found in their experiment. Read more at the link in our bio.⠀

#covid19 #coronawarnapp #publicpolicy #hertielove #studyinberlin

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