Interested in policy, circular economy, and pressing public policy issues of our time? Join us at the European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) on Circular Economy! This year, EPPC will be held online, and we invite you to join from anywhere in the world, on April 23 to 25.


CIRCULAR ECONOMY is increasingly circulating as the new buzzword when it comes to the discourse on sustainability and climate action. Up to 60 % of global greenhouse gases are emitted during the production of goods. However, furthering circularity has not really become an essential aspect of policymaking with only piecemeal attention to the idea in the EU Green Deal.
Through EPPC 2021, we hope to spark discussion around topical solutions to make circularity central to policy and business decisions in Europe and beyond.
Like in previous years, the conference is entirely run by students.


  • 23-25 April, 2021


  • On Online Platform Hopin - From Berlin to the World


  • Series of talks, workshops, and diverse events on the topic of circular economy


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More information about the event schedule, our brilliant speakers and the roll-out can
be found on our website and social media platforms.


23 April 2021
25 April 2021