Many members of our community will know MPP alumnus and current Hertie PhD researcher, Sahil Deo, who is based in Pune, India. Sahil has been active in Pune throughout the pandemic, and has been working with the Pune Platform for COVID Response on a new initiative to obtain and distribute oxygen in local hospitals. Supplies are being sourced and shipped from Singapore with the help of funds raised here in Germany and all over the world. The German Counsel General in Mumbai publicly supports this initiative alongside the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA), another reputable partner. Mujaheed Shaikh, our Professor of Health Governance, who also comes from Pune and knows many of the organizations involved in the initiative, backs the project as well.

Given our close and increasing ties to many communities and cities across India, not the mention the growing role Indian students, PhD researchers, and faculty play at Hertie, the Hertie School Leadership would like to draw attention to this initiative and invite members of our community to support Sahil with this worthy cause.

About 240 cubic feet of oxygen for a hospital costs about 10 euros. Please consider donating this amount, or whatever amount you are able to contribute.

Donations can be made here.

The Hertie School will collect donations on behalf of those who give and will forward these donations to the organization in India. The Hertie School will therefore not issue any donation receipts (Spendenbescheinigung) as no donations are made to the School.

This is one of many very worthwhile projects that could use your support, members of our community are encouraged to contribute where we can to initiatives in your local area.

Given the scale of the crisis, time is of the essence. We plan to transfer any funds collected to India in a safe, secure fashion after the close of business on Monday, 3 May.

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